Little Bairn 'Heal Me' Postnatal Bath Soak

Little Bairn 'Heal Me' Postnatal Bath Soak

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Little Bairn is an award-winning range of luxury, certified organic skincare products for mum and baby, proudly cruelty free, Australian owned and made.

A purifying soak to promote healing and recovery after childbirth.

Organic calendula petals and comfrey leaf help soothe postpartum swelling and soreness, while white clay, himalayan salt and epsom salt detoxify the body and relieve aching muscles.

An uplifting blend of essential oils helps relax the body and mind, renewing the senses and combating the 'baby blues'.

This 100 per cent natural soak has antibacterial properties and can be used to offer relief from bruising, tears/episiotomies and hemorrhoids.


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